Welcome To Kokomos Beach Resort

Located on the beautiful Baloy Long Beach in Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City, Philippine Islands, Kokomos Beach Resort is truly your home away from home. We specialize in making your stay comfortable and fun by providing all the services the other guys don’t (and everything they do!). Come stay with us at Kokomos Beach Resort in Subic Bay.

The :Love Room At Kokomos Beach Resort, Subic

The Love Room

Austin Powers wouldn’t have it any other way! Get your mojo back by staying in our extra-special LOVE Room. The Love Room is one of our extraordinarily themed seaside rooms, and is guaranteed to help you get your groove on. Yeah, Baby!

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The Jungle Room at Kokomos Beach Resort, Baloy

The Jungle Room

Discover your inner beast by staying in the fantastic and exotic Jungle Room. The Jungle Room is one of our exclusive beach-front rooms, designed with a tropical jungle in mind. Drift off to sleep with the sound of the gentle waves lapping at the shore, or live out your Tarzan fantasies and swing from the …

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The Oriental Room

Experience Asia in our Oriental Room. Set the mood for your Asian Adventure, surrounded by cherry blossoms and oriental artwork. What better way to immerse yourself in Asian culture while you visit exotic Asia?

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The Egyptian Room

Live like a Pharaoh in the Egyptian Room. Nestled deep inside a hidden pyramid at Kokomos, this beach front room is ready for you to be Marc Antony to your Cleopatra (minus the poison and the snake, of course)! “Luxurious surroundings” doesn’t begin to describe this amazing room.

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The Music Room

Are you a music lover? Do you like to relax listening to beautiful sounds, just steps from the beach? If so, the Music Room is for you. I love the details of this room. It’s bright and cheery, and has a very open feel. I love the statuettes of the jazz band, and the decorations …

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Our Standard Rooms

Kokomos Standard Rooms are the best value on the beach. Comfortable, clean and cool, our Standard Rooms have all the amenities you want and need, without the glitz and glamour of our Themed Rooms. Relax in causal comfort and enjoy everything our facility offers.

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Our Family Room

When you need extra space, turn to Kokomos to make your holiday fun and exciting. Our Family Room has all the extra bed space you need. With two queen-size beds, an extra-large shower and bathroom, and plenty of floor space, our Family Room will not cramp your style!

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